The full body motion tracking is an essential essential part of immersive VR experience as it enables the users to see a representation of his/her full body. Accurate low latency motion tracking becomes even more important when multiple persons share the same virtual space because body language is an important means of communication. In addition, intuitive interactions with virtual objects like pointing, become possible when the full body is tracked.

In this context, what makes our technology especially attractive is an easy and quick actor calibration and low latency (around 30-50 miliseconds) delivering instantaneous results.

The most well-known use of motion capture data is the animation of virtual characters. While the lead characters in AAA games and high-end CG movies will most likely be animated with motion data from marker systems in the near future, there is still plenty of room for markerless mocap utilization in animating background characters and for general use in low-budget productions.
Our technology is at a sweet spot between ultra-expensive, high-end marker systems and low-cost, low-fidelity solutions based on a small number of depth cameras or low-end video cameras.