Revolutionizing Motion Capture Unlocking new Possibilities

Captury is a unique markerless motion capture solution that provides real-time full body, finger, and face tracking for multiple performers, all in a single interface. This accessibility and flexibility are changing the entertainment and scientific industries, revolutionizing the way motion capture is used.

3D Game Development

Captury streamlines the motion capture process for video game development by eliminating the need for special suits, markers, or calibration. Actors can simply jump into the system and their movements are instantly tracked and streamed into game engines, making 3D character animation faster and more cost-effective.

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Captury simplifies motion capture for visual effects, reducing talent preparation and data cleanup while enabling direct operation by animators. Our solutions can be used in all phases of filmmaking, from prototyping to production, making the process more efficient and economical.

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Virtual Reality

In virtual reality, markerless motion capture is used to capture the movements of a person and translate them into the movements of an avatar or digital character within the virtual environment. This allows for a more immersive and interactive experience, as the movements of the user are directly translated into the virtual world.

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Live Virtual and Location-Based Entertainment

CapturyLive’s markerless human tracking technology enables fully immersive and interactive experiences, without markers or intrusive equipment. This allows visitors to engage with 3D virtual environments and interact with people and objects, making for exciting and unique entertainment or educational experiences.

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Life Sciences

Transitioning to a markerless motion analysis system can decrease the amount of time required to gather the data that doctors and researchers depend on. Captury provides a comprehensive motion capture system that provides objective kinematic data to support those engaged in the study of human movement. It tracks and quantifies data in a more efficient manner than conventional marker-based systems, and interfaces seamlessly in real-time with third-party motion analysis software and devices.

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In-Game Player Tracking

Captury offers the ability to capture athletes in real-time or post, without any preparation needed, whether they are on the field or court. It not only provides 3D visualization of players and their movements but also delivers precise and consistent human kinematic data. Athletes and coaches can utilize unrestricted motion data and insights to improve performance, monitor progress, and prevent and treat injuries efficiently.

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