Explore the versatility of markerless motion capture
suitable for a wide range of applications

3D Game Development

Streamline your 3D character animation projects, save valuable time and reduce costs.

Captury 3D Game Dev

VFX / Film / Advertising

Elevate the quality of your visual effects characters and scenes, create immersive and visually stunning productions.

Virtual Reality

Unlock limitless possibilities for virtual reality applications.

Live Virtual / Location-Based Entertainment

Open up to a world of new possibilities for live interactive experiences to immersive entertainment venues.

In-Game Player Tracking

Capture players during a live game, extracting valuable 3D motion data, helping to make informed decisions and driving better results.

Life Sciences

Captury offers significant value in various research applications within the life sciences, spanning areas such as engineering, healthcare, and performance.

Flexible Software Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Captury’s motion capture software is designed to be flexible, providing an array of solutions that cater to various needs. Our software is powered by a universal algorithm that delivers unparalleled motion tracking results.

Real-Time Processing

The market’s most versatile markerless motion capture solution, CapturyLive is a turnkey hardware and software solution that processes video images from cameras and generates real-time 3D motion data of multiple actors. It tracks full body, fingers, and face and streams data live into leading animation software and 3D game engines.

CapturyInGame is a custom built hardware and software In-Game Player capture solution, tracking any player's motion on the field or on the court in 3D. The data can be visualized in animation programs or processed with analysis software.

CapturyFace comes in a stand-alone version or can be integrated as an add-on to CapturyLive or CapturyStudio. We offer three versions: one where users can use webcams integrated in a computer, a head-mounted camera solution, and one where a larger camera array is deployed in CapturyLive or CapturyStudio.


CapturyStudio is a software tool for tracking the motion of humans from pre-recorded, multi-view video footage. All required tools are included: video stream synchronization, camera system calibration, actor model calibration, and tracking. CapturyStudio offers unprecedented flexibility and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Accommodating a variety of immersive and interactive live performance applications, CapturyDome is a 3D volumetric scanner that captures texture and mesh data via high-resolution cameras. Without any preparation required, the technology captures a realistic 3D model of someone, creating a true digital self, standing still or in motion.

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Live Streaming into Unreal

We are compatible with current game engines such as unreal. You can download our plugin for real-time streaming in the unreal store.

For a New Era of Gaming

Captury Live enables real-time interaction with virtual objects and opens up possibilities for new immersive gaming experiences or performances.


This video gives you a quick introduction to our new fingerprint feature.

Real-time Session with Unity

In this live session we are streaming our motion capture data directly into unity. We enjoy testing our system. Since this session last year, we have been able to improve the real-time performance of our system tremendously.